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The Clarkson of cycling !!

September 24, 2012

Well the verdict is in !!
After visiting multiple shops reviewing wheel choices custom build vs machine built. There are two fundamental problems.
1. Weight I’m too heavy for road bikes for now.

2. I put too much power down causing the frame/wheels etc..etc.. to flex and fail.

Apparently cycling uphill and putting the power down and screaming powar is whats causing my issues.
So I’m shopping for something STRONG a commuter or cyclocross bike maybe. anyone have any suggestions !!


Catastrophic Failure number 3961

September 18, 2012

Well  my new wheel collected on the 25/08 lasted 27 Days !! I am never shopping with evans again, as it stands I want my money back from the as it is.
What happened. Well cycling home from work I was just comming off an incline and I was accellerating. Suddenly my rear wheel locked up. I obviously stopped and upon examination I discovered that I had snapped a spoke but the wheel had warped so out of kilter that it was touching the frame.
So I’m really not happy !


Brrr it’s getting COLD

September 14, 2012

Well autumn is coming, and it’s getting colder it really noticeable in the morning.

Also on the positive side I was able to commute to work in 1 Hour 30 Seconds That’s an average  speed on 18.4 mph, that’s really fast (For me)


Allways more press

September 11, 2012

Well things are getting hotter, the ctc tweeted about thefireuk close call, and bikehub has written an article.


Getting the privacy issues out

September 10, 2012

So on friday night I was cycling with a friend and he got cut up, normal case of affairs. small argument etc…etc..

Both thefire and myself had recorded it and posted it online. I posted first.
Well within a few hours of posting i had a complaint that i was infringing someone elses privacy, I’m obviously fighting it however the video has become very popular and made my youtube channel really popular.
So here you are have a watch




My bike at night

September 10, 2012

Well the nights are closing in  and I have had a few questions about my night lights well here they are


On the Rear I have

Cateye TL-LD150 5 LED Rear Light
Smart Lunar R1 Rear Light
Fiber Flare
On the Front

Lezyne super drive
Knog Frog



weight gain tis not cheap, losing weight is cheaper !!

September 9, 2012

Well, I haven’t gained weight but what has come to light is gaining weight is an expensive affair, some of my clothes were being a little baggy so I pulled out some of my smaller clothes and the ones from well meaning relatives who don’t have a clue about larger clothes sizes, to my surprise allot of them fit. so new wardrobe for FREE….


I am now having concerns about how long I can stay in these smaller clothes !!