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My Long story

So years ago I used to be a fit and health young man, I cycled, skated  etc…etc..
fast forward I got a job in IT working overnights along came the sugary caffeinated drinks and chocolate bars, 150lbs later and I weighed in excess of 330lbs, Then I had my adoring daughter. She was the light of my life but at the same time my life was shortening almost daily.

I knew i had to do something to address this but what it needed to be permanent something I could maintain, so I did what everyone else in my situation does I dieted I tried most fad diets and discovered they were not for me I was always hungry that would never do !
So FF to Nov 2010 my son was about to be born and I was getting desperate my health was deteriorating, I caught myself grunting getting up from the sofa, I could no longer shop in any normal shops for clothes, I had to go to specialized large men shops. It was then I decided to re-focus my energies, I joined a Gym I was not going to deal with weight just yet just getting fit was my number one and only requirement.
I started off just walking on the treadmill only a mile at a time then worked up to 3 miles then 4 miles. by May 2011 I was getting fitter then it happened a car accident I was layed up in bed for two weeks (which is bad for motivation) after 6 weeks I recovered and got back to the gym but was finding it hard to get momentum again, This is the big decider when you take a knock the hardest thing is getting back again.
I was still training around October my fitness was improving again but slowly I was ready for phase two the goal, to get on a bike I bought a Pinnacle Dolomite One bike.
and off I went I got to about 40 miles and it happened the handle bars slipped and over I went, a very bruised pride, gashed knee and damaged wheel etc..etc..

I got in contact with the shop and after some wrangling it was agreed to replace my bike with a Pinnacle Dolomite two the one was out of stock and no longer in production the two had stock.

So I started on the Pinnacle two off I went this was November tho and getting cold so I kept my miles low and took it slow I was still grossly unfit compared to others so I just tried my best, I kept up cycling about three times a week till January when I felt ready to try something really but I was ready to commute to work (This is 19 Miles) so in a not so cold Monday morning I got up at 7am and off I went cycling to work. It was hard I remember it like it was yesterday I didn’t have a good idea of the route to take and ended up on some pretty major roads as a consequence. But at 8:35 I arrived at work. I was so happy with myself and proud of this achievement.

The next few months are a little hazy but what  I remember most is cycling in the cold and wet, and the breakages specifically the wheels alexrims SUCK plain and simple. so at about 300 miles I had to replace the rear wheel with a Shimano R500 which was not great but better than a alexrim 200 miles later the front wheel failed so I went off to replace front wheel.

Then at the end of March I attempted a sportive a 36 Mile Ride round the Surrey hills, It was hard VERY hard I also had a cold and felt very very rough and ended up walking up some of the hills.
But most of all I did it, I survived it and so did my bike.
I kept cycling when I could putting in miles but it was less frequent I was afraid my knees ached after riding and I was under the impression i was overdoing it.

FF to May we had some fantastic weather and my colleague encouraged me to go for a ride at lunch time this was a turning point for me, I didn’t realize it and I don’t think he did either he didn’t cycle with me he cycled ahead of me setting a pace faster than anything I had cycled before. This went on for a week strait I cycled with him at lunch, This taught me two things.

1.) that the aches and pains in my knees were because I had not used them enough and

2.) that when your trying to improve you need to be pushing yourself.

also at that time he introduced me to hills something I had been avoiding ever since march. In that week I made massive gains on Monday I could barely climb a hill. by Friday it was slow but constant and progress real progress, Steve is you ever read this I owe to big time your encouragement you pushed me to make gains where I did not know they were possible.
The weight did not seem to be coming off but I was improving cycling distance was becomming easier , This was a lesson about losing weight PERSIST sometimes your body has to make adjustments, my wife noticed it first then others started to. fat was disappearing and I was losing fat and gaining muscle, the tape measure was telling me that much !
So beginning in summer I was losing weight albeit slowly and getting fitter. In May i rode 60 Miles, June 339 Miles then July 426 Miles. Then August 567 Miles. At this point when i got on the bike miles just fell away.

Many other cyclists could not keep pace with me by the end of august my speed was improving and I was finding it easier and easier to move I was creeping up the gears feeling better every day.

by September the the season of colds was starting this was an experience, I used to suffer badly with colds but this cold barely touched me I learned that getting ill was something that really does not happen to cyclists
So here we are in september about 40 Lbs lighter that when I started but feeling 1000%.
To be continued


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