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WET !!!

October 5, 2012

Well it’s definitely autumn  cycling back from work today was more like swimming it was raining so hard.


it was an interesting experience and from a traveling point of view once you get so wet you don’t really care about getting much wetter ( its not really possible)
Would i do it again ?


Would i go out of my way to avoid getting wet ?


Do I need mud guards ?





Back on the road again !

October 3, 2012

Well I’m back on the road  and traveling well, what I’ve noticed so far these wheels are heavy much heavier that my r500’s or any other wheel I’ve owned .
Well what does that mean for me it’s like taking a step back a bit it slows me down so I can’t keep the pace as high (for now), give me time and I will even that out. Road handling is excellent and build quality seems to be superb. lets hope the bikes up to it


Well she’s back and ready to pound the miles again.

October 2, 2012

After a useful conversation with Andrew from Spa cycles he’s built me a new set of wheels, which I have been promised are much stronger than my old ones, at the same time I’ve fitted a new chain and rear cassette taking my bottom gear down to 27 tooth.

theses new wheels are something else rigida DP18’s with tiagra hubs 36 Spoke. It’s altered the look of the bike somewhat.


Well here she is the Touring Pinnacle two


Catastrophic Failure number 3961

September 18, 2012

Well  my new wheel collected on the 25/08 lasted 27 Days !! I am never shopping with evans again, as it stands I want my money back from the as it is.
What happened. Well cycling home from work I was just comming off an incline and I was accellerating. Suddenly my rear wheel locked up. I obviously stopped and upon examination I discovered that I had snapped a spoke but the wheel had warped so out of kilter that it was touching the frame.
So I’m really not happy !


Brrr it’s getting COLD

September 14, 2012

Well autumn is coming, and it’s getting colder it really noticeable in the morning.

Also on the positive side I was able to commute to work in 1 Hour 30 Seconds That’s an average  speed on 18.4 mph, that’s really fast (For me)


My bike at night

September 10, 2012

Well the nights are closing in  and I have had a few questions about my night lights well here they are


On the Rear I have

Cateye TL-LD150 5 LED Rear Light
Smart Lunar R1 Rear Light
Fiber Flare
On the Front

Lezyne super drive
Knog Frog



Isn’t it the way.

August 30, 2012

Well going home tonight I thought I would take it easy and keep the pace at a regular speed. I also adjusted my saddle raising it up slightly. This makes dropping down to the drop bars slightly harder but it feels more comfortable.

So 7 Personal records, one second place and one third and the fastest I’ve ever got home from work and I’m pretty chuffed with myself.

Today I also passed another mile record, as of today in the month of Aug 2012 with one day to go I have acheived 519 Miles in one month.  by the end of the month (Tomorrow) I hopefully should hit 560 Miles.
One the downside my front wheel has started making a ominous creacking noise when i’m standing on the pedals (I better start stocking up on spokes)