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The center parcs bike

August 22, 2012

Well as promised I said I would post pictures. This is probably the worst condition bike I’ve ever ridden. Also grip shifts how were they ever popular? They are so annoying.


Well this is the bike itself if worn bearings, rusty chain, flat tyres worn brakes although the saddle is fairly comfortable.


This is the rear cassette I can say that I’m pretty sure it will never come off the wheel.


The chain how this chain has any flex in it is beyond me.

I can say that considering I’ve broken wheels, chains and other bits with daily wear on a well maintained bike, Its a frightening experience riding this bike I’m sure I’m going to break it.¬†


Holland and other countries

August 18, 2012

Well I arrived to holland¬† , going though bruge we discovered something . Cyclist in bruge just dont belive in traffic rules non of them stop for red lights most salmon cycle and if your walking on the pavement thats not a safe zone…

However holland is the polar opposite cyclists give way to peds and obey traffic rules the cycle lanes are really well maintained. On the other side the bikes are not my hire bike from centerparcs has a rusty chain and has deifnatly seen better days.

I wonder if they would be offended if i asked for a can of oil ?